These have been taken from projects and trips across Europe and North America.

The various types of architecture and its history and influences have always been fascinating especially when comparing the different countries. You can learn so much just from looking at buildings.

As a foreigner in each place, you take time to notices the subtleties of light too; in Europe alone the nuances are vast. Perhaps this love of different light comes from living in rainy, wet West of Scotland! But still, even the dreichest day has its own particular beauty.

I love street photography too. And even though it can be quite daunting, capturing those snapshots of lives so different and yet familiar to our own is very rewarding. Whenever possible, I try and chat to the people afterwards. It’s common courtesy and it is the best part of street photography. It is just not the same using furtive hip shots or telephoto lenses. A smile and a little bit of respect go a long way.

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